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Majority of European employees stays home when having the flu

London, 28 February 2018

Influenza season 2018? 62 (United Kingdom) respectively 58 percent (Ireland) of English and Irish employees would stay home in case of illness.

At a different ending is Rumania. 78 percent of Rumanian employees continue going to work with the flu.

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Jobswype poll shows: The most important job-related New Year’s resolution is to get a new job

London, 14 February 2018

Three out of four european employees agree

Each year, we think of the greatest New Year’s resolutions. Reason enough for the job search engine Jobswype to poll its European users concerning their job-related New Year’s resolutions for 2018. The result of this poll: On average every fourth person of the polled people is looking for a new job, while the other asked persons in more or less equal shares would like to enhance their career respectively want to have more free time.

Every new year on New Years Eve, various plans for the following year are created. All time popular New Year's resolutions are such which are related to health and fitness. But what about people’s professional intentions?

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Sexual harassment at company celebrations? Jobswype-poll shows: On average every third to fourth European employee is affected

London, 30 December 2017

Most of the cases in the United Kingdom and Ireland

The negative headlines don’t want to stop –More and more cases of sexual harassment at work are coming to be known. Company celebrations in Advent time provide with their for one thing relaxed and on the downside alcoholized environment numerous opportunities for possible misbehaviour. The job search engine Jobswype took this opportunity to ask its users in Europe if they have ever been sexually harassed at a company christmas celebration. Sobering realisation of the poll: Averagely one third of European employees are affected by it, whereby the United Kingdom and Ireland are leading the harassment numbers with 55 to 62 percent.

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Jobswype poll shows: Increasing willingness to emigrate of English and Irish workers. In eastern Europe the willingness to emigrate for a job decreases.

London, 22 November 2017

English and Irish employees are willing to leave their country for a job. While employees of the DACH area and other parts of Europe are more willing to keep faith to their country when it comes to choosing a job. Hence the results of the recent Jobswype poll. This poll has had one of the greatest participations in Jobswype’s poll history with more than 3400 participators all around Europe

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Holiday jobs have a point. Targeted search throughout Europe possible online

London, 29 September 2017

Though 46 per cent of English people think that holiday jobs are merely an increase of pocket money, every year numerous teenagers decide to take a holiday job. Currently there are more than 57.000 holiday jobs listed on Jobswype über 1.600. It should be noted though that there are legal differences between an holiday jobs and a work placement.

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No online shopping during work hours

London, 16 August 2017

The Europe voting between the Jobswype users this summer clearly showed the following: European employees predominantly do not shop online during work hours. Praiseworthy attitude, as solely by employment agreement, this subject is not strictly determined and hence not forbidden practically.

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Major reason for job change is still the salary

London, 6 July 2017

Why are so many people thinking about changing their job? After two years, Jobswype is asking its users this question again. The goal of this poll is to find out whether and how the criteria have changed. Criteria to choose upon are the following: salary, bad career opportunities, bad working climate, work life balance and underchallenge. Unsurprisingly, in ten of the polled countries the salary is the leading reason for people to change their jobs. 45 per cent of people in the United Kingdom would be willing to change their job for more money. This Jobswype poll shows as well: In the west of Europe the working climate is more important than the salary.

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Majority of European employees not qualified for their job

London, 5 June 2017

How about your qualification at work? A poll of the monthly surveys of Jobswype investigated this question. Ireland and the United Kingdom are leading in the percentage of people who do not feel sufficiently qualified for their work.

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Jobswype European comparison 2016-2017: Gender Pay Gap is still pronounced for European employees

London, 13 March 2017

On the occasion of the international women's day, the job search engine Jobswype polled its users de novo. A disappointing result for all the people who thought that equality at work should be given in 2017. Almost two thirds of European female employees earn less money than their male colleagues, where qualifications are equivalent. These were the findings of the poll conducted in February by the job search engine Jobswype. Even though the United Kingdom is the country where with 55 % the highest percentage of people answered “yes” to the question if women and men are being paid equally but still there is enough place for improvement.

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Jobswype survey in February 2017: European workforce needs a second job to provide living

London, 2 March 2017

Alarmingly high scores beyond the 70 percent mark are to be seen in all polled countries. This shows the survey of the Europe wide organized job search engine Jobswype. Gender role, part time employment as well as rising cost of living can be the reason for pursuing more than one employment. Also in the UK and in Ireland between 84 to 86 % answered “Yes” to the question regarding a second job.

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Change of profession no rarity in european countries

London, 25 January 2017

Reasons for change of profession varied – leader is Hunagry

Vienna, 1/23/2017: While a couple of years ago it would have been quite difficult to practice another profession than the one learned or studies for, it is not a rarity anymore today. This shows a recent poll of the job search engine Jobswype, active in Europe. Strikingly many profession changers within the last 5 years are to be found in Hungary, followed by the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The United Kingdom is midrange with 54 % of profession changers.

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