Privacy Notice

JOBswype collects Personal Data from its users either automatically when the user navigates through the website or personal data is provided voluntarily by the user.

Data recorded and use of data

JOBswype has a service called Email Alert, which allows the user to activate a notification for new job ads. The users can activate the notifications by entering his/her email in the Email Alert registration form. The Registration is only activated when the Terms of Service are accepted by clicking on the Terms of Service checkbox. The email address is stored as long as the Email Alert service is active. The Email Alert service can be stopped at any time by deregistration via the Email Alert management function.

JOBswype uses third party services for its statistics, for technical management and maintenance or to display advertisements on its site.

The User agrees to use cookies and IP tracking. JOBswype software and the site’s traffic analyser use cookies and IP trackers that collect data for statistical purposes. The User is also free to deactivate and/or eliminate cookies by following their Internet browser instructions. Such action however may reduce the user’s ability to use the site. This website uses “Google Adsense” that itself uses “cookies” in order to show promotional content related to the navigation carried out by the user. When the user accesses a website that forms part of the “Google Adsense” service and clicks on it, a cookie is inserted into his/her browser which is used by “Google” for collecting information on the user’s navigation, and managing and showing advertisements using the advertising program “Google Adsense”. The user can at any moment deactivate the use of Google cookies by deactivating the usage of cookies of his/her browser.

Through the use of facebook products and services, including Facebook Connect and Facebook Platform, JOBswype may receive and display personally identifiable information about yourself such as name, profile picture and similar personally identifiable information about your friends who are registered on Facebook. We may use this information so that JOBswype can customize and improve the services that JOBswype may provide to you.

We will comply with the policies and terms of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Since the techniques are changing rapidly due to the technical progress, JOBswype asks you, if you need detailed information concerning what kind of technique is used, to contact us directly.


Data is handled according to legal requirements, taking all appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, unauthorized modification or destruction of Personal Data. The Data is processed in the way that the use of the data is strictly related to the stated purposes.

User rights

You may contact JOBswype at the contact addresses given, to obtain the information or action on your personal data such as confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data regarding you and, if it is stored, the list of personal data in possession of jobswype, information on the terms and purposes of the processing of your personal data and when your personal data is updated or modified as far as this is information is available and stored.

Changes to these Terms

JOBswype reserves the right to alter these Terms of Service at any time by publishing the changed Terms of Service on the website of jobswype. Users who continue to use the service after the publication of the new Terms of Service accept the updated Terms of Service.

Legal information

This privacy policy is subject to the laws of Austria.

Terms of Service

These terms regulate the service provided by dated 1. September 2008. By using this service, you agree to these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy concerning the processing of personal data, available here: Privacy

  1. Introduction
    1. is a service of Webintegration IT Sercvice GmbH, Stutterheimstraße 16-18/2/10A, A-1150 Vienna.
    2. is freely accessible. Through the use of the website the user accepts and agrees to the legal conditions, outligned in "privacy policy" and the "Terms of Service" published on the website Privacy. JOBswype informs the user that both "privacy policy" and the "Terms of Service" may be modified without prior notice. Therefore the user should carefully read the conditions every time he/she enters the website, as the conditions may have changed since the last visit. The user may access, print, download and save the "Terms of Service" at any time.
    3. JOBswype reserves the right to modify - without prior notice - the design, layout and/or configuration of the Website, and any or all of the services offered, and reserves the right to add new services.
    4. In these Terms of Service users are both end users and companies.
    5. JOBswype can be contacted via the information provided under site notice
  2. Purpose of JOBswype
    1. The purpose of this service is to give users direct access to job offers published on other websites.
    2. JOBswype retrieves the job offers which are published on its website automatically from other websites or JOBswype advertisers. The job offers, which are taken from third party websites, are simply indexed and published and an extract is provided, which contains the link to view the full job offer published on the site of origin and other relevant information such as a job title to give the user an overview of what the job offer is about.
    3. The user can register for the Email Alert service. For this registration solely an email has to be entered on the Email Alert registration form. After the user has successfully registered, notifications about new jobs that match the search filters are sent to the registered user at timely intervals, which can be set by the user. When the user registers for Email Alert he/she is also registered for the newsletter service. The user can at any time request that the Email Alert service and the newsletter service is discontinued via editing his/her Email Alert profile.
  3. Limitations of Liability
    1. The scanning and indexing of the job ads is an automated process and job ads are scanned and indexed from other websites as they are. They are in no way controlled or revised manually.
    2. The advertiser has the responsibility for the content of the job ad. JOBswype has no control over the accuracy, legality or quality of the job offers or veracity of the information submitted from users to advertisers.
    3. JOBswype cannot be made liable for any damages or claims concerning itself or third parties, arising from job ads posted on the website or sent to the users via email or made available in any manner to third parties. JOBswype cannot be held responsible for service malfunction caused by third parties upon which the performance of services provided by JOBswype depends.
    4. When the user signs up to the Email Alert service by providing his/her email address, he/she is responsible for the security of his/her own authentication, determined by the JOBswype Cookie. This Cookie will remain active and automatically recognizes the user's browser until the service is deactivated. The links contained in the Email Alert include automatic user identification.
  4. Intellectual Property
    1. Job ads scanned and indexed from other websites are not controlled or revised in any way. The 'jobswype' brand and all other trademarks and all symbols of third parties such as trade names, service marks, brand names, appearing on the site are, and remain, the exclusive property of them and are protected by the laws in force on trademarks and the related international treaties.
  5. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    1. These Terms of Service, apart from the exceptions provided for by consumer protection laws, are subject to Austrian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Vienna.
  6. Changes to these Terms
    1. JOBswype reserves the right to alter these Terms of Service at any time by publishing the changed Terms of Service on the website of jobswype. Users who continue to use the service after the publication of the new terms of service accept the updated terms of service.