Things you shouldn’t do at your office Christmas party

London, 20 December 2016

The morning after your office Christmas party – silence when you enter the office? Does your boss request you to have a word? And do your colleagues look at you funny? Do they whisper behind your back? But your memories of the night before are hazy and all you remember is having a really good time… Well, it looks like you’ve made quite a spectacle out of yourself. Office Christmas parties where things get more informal between colleagues and bosses are full of all kinds of traps.
If you heed our advice, you can be sure to stay on the safe side! Be careful with the way you dress. Your outfit should never be too revealing, but the temperatures outside will definitely take care of that for you. Both women and men shouldn’t unbotton their shirts too much, though. If you and your team go to the party right after work, then you’ll already be wearing the perfect attire – business casual are the words to live by! In case your bosses invited you to a more formal banquet, adjust your outfit accordingly.Don’t bring any unannounced guests. It’s common sense that you’d like your partner or spouse to attend the event with you. But still don’t do that before making sure beforehand that you are allowed to do so. On the one side, your request is sure to be accepted, on the other the planner will know how many guests to expect to the party.Never gossip about bosses or colleagues. This should be self-explanatory, but we’ll say it anyway: gossip always comes back to you, may it be sooner or later! It’s best to elegantly keep yourself out of these kinds of conversations and rather check out the food and drinks, but…Don’t raid the buffet. It’s true that everything is there to be consumed. And you can of course try everything, but please avoid looking like a hungry animal. That won’t leave a good impression. The same applies in case your boss takes the team out for a dinner. Don’t order the most extravagant dish on the menu, as that only shows your true priority – it‘s not spending time with your team, it’s just wanting a good meal.Don’t drink too much alcohol. There’s really nothing wrong about a drink or two with your colleagues, but the bigger your alcohol intake, the greater are the chances to do something stupid. And you certainly don’t want to be known for your tasteless jokes or your heavy flirting with the other sex.

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