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Accounting, Controller

Jobs in banking, finance and accountancy. Positions as finance director, company secretary, accounts assistant, bookkeeper, relationship manager and much more.

Administration, Secretary

Work in administration and secretary. Jobs in customer service call center, warehouse or council.

Advertising, Marketing, PR

Jobs for marketing managers, account managers, analysts, sales directors, sales managers and more in advertising, public relations and business administration.

Agricultural, Food jobs

Jobs in horticulture, environment agency, conversation, gardening and much more.

Architects, Construction

Jobs in government, construction, bricklaying, railway, shelter, civil engineering and much more.

Arts, Culture, Media,

Job offers in arts, photography, graphic design, journalism, interior desogn, project management, library, design and much more.

Electrical, Electronic

Find a job in electrical engineering, quality assurance, biochemistry or software testing and work as an electrician, dental technician or plant operator.

Finance, Insurance

Job offers in post office, Red Cross, finance, property management and more. Work as civil servant, accountant or stock broker.

Graphics, Printing, Photography

Find a job in music, TV, animation, freelance photography, print and more and work as a photographer, sound engineer or in ordnance survey.

Healthcare, Nursing

Work in health, pharmacy, Jobcentre Plus, housing associations, hairdressing and more. Good job opportunities in this sector.

Hospitality, Catering

Jobs in hotel, catering, cleaning, kitchen and more. Career as receptionist, waitress, caterer or housekeeper.


Work in school, local government, church and more. Jobs as nanny, caretaker, concierge or site supervisor.

HR, Recruitment

Career in administration, recruitment, accounting, education, training and much more.


Work in IT, film and engineering. Make a career as engineer, data scientist. IT manager, IT director, coordinator and much more.

Leasure, Travel, Sports

Career as courier, travel agent, personal trainer, fitness instructor, gym instructor and much more. Good job opportunities.


Career as lawyer, solicitor, barrister, general counsel, patent attorney, coroner, court clerk and more.

Logistic, Transportortation

Work in HGV, driving, delivery, office and more. Jobs as train driver, cabin crew, topman, delivery driver or chauffeur.


Find a job in marketing, sales, insurance, university, market research, hospital or local authority.

Manufactoring, Handycraft

Find a job in scaffolding, plastering, plumbing, modelling and much more. Work as gas engineer, pipefitter or kitchen fitter.

Metal Machining

Career in welding, maintenance, mechanical engineering, mechanic, chemical engineering, window fitting, energy and much more.


Jobs in part time or full time, self-employed or in night shifts, in entry level or for graduates.

Programming, Database

Work as data analyst, web developer, test analyst, quality manager, network engeneer, software developer and more.

Sales, Retail

Career in retail, property, supermarket, garden center and more. Job offers as sales assistant, bookseller, site manager, shop assistant or practice manager.

Scientific, R&D

Career as project manager, research assistant, quality surveyor, economist, project coordinator and much more.


Jobs in security, police, prison service, fire service or bank.

Teaching, Education

Jobs as teaching assistant, support worker, care assistant, nursery nurse in public health, social care, international development or social work.

Textile, Fashion

Career in engineering, teaching, cricket, sewing and more.

Welfare, Social Services

Career in community care, psychology, citizens advice bureau, housing, county council and more.



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